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Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby, DE24 1AB


Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby DE24 1AB


About Me

Who Am I?

As you might have already guessed, my name is Lewis. I’m 26 and I’ve been involved with Internet Marketing for around 7 years.

I started to explore the wide world of SEO when I first started University. Like most University students, I quickly ran out of money and started struggling. I was quite stubborn at the time and decided that I didn’t want to get a job, but I did need money in order to pay my rent, bills and buy food. So, I looked around my halls room and thought what do I have that is readily available to me that I can use to build up some income?

Well, there was my desktop PC and a decent Internet connection. So I started to research how to make money online. Probably not the wisest keyword choice, but it was a start. So I soon discovered the world of Affiliate Marketing. So I got to work, promoting other peoples products in order to receive a commission. My first venture was a disaster and the website looked pretty bad too. Not surprising for a Blogger blog.

Knowing that I would not get anywhere with that I decided to invest a small portion of the money that I had available to me and get started. My second venture was much more successful and I started to earn regular income. Over the summer I had earned enough to cover my rent, bills and food.

I continued this throughout University, but neglected the websites whilst I focused on my studies. I could not commit a whole lot of time to them and had to drop a few of the sites that were not earning a whole lot of money.

Once I had left University I decided to look for a job in an Agency. I felt that there were secrets that I had to learn and that the only place that I could learn these SEO secrets were at an Agency. Turns out there aren’t any secrets per say, but it did give me a great opportunity to learn about Agency life and how Agencies work. After just over a year, I left in order to pursue self-employment and that is where I have been ever since, building a small consistent client base and providing them with actionable results for their business.