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Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby, DE24 1AB


Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby DE24 1AB



Remarketing is a simple technique that can help you to bring potential customers back to your site.

Let’s face it, when you’re shopping around and you’re researching you often visit many sites before you decide what you are going to purchase.

With remarketing, the potential customer visits your website and is then tracked via a cookie that is within their web browser. This enables the remarketing platform to serve this potential customer advertisements of your company or service when visiting other websites.

Remarketing explained Banner

This is technique is great for creating repeat customers and increasing conversions because it does the following:

  • It targets people who know your brand and visit your website often
  • Remarketing communicates your brand to the people that matter, they have already engaged with your brand and business
  • Remarketing increases conversions and improves sales on your website
  • It increases brand awareness overall with the ads being served

Remarketing is an incredibly powerful technique that can generate a great level of ROI. Persistence is key in this generation of noise and consistently putting your brand in the faces of people who have visited your site can pay off in the long run.

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