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Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby, DE24 1AB


Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby DE24 1AB


eCommerce SEO Service

eCommerce SEO Services

Compete within your market with an effective eCommerce SEO & advertising campaign to reach more customers and increase revenue.

eCommerce SEO Services

Increase traffic and conversions with an optimized SEO campaign

Having a plan in place is important for any website that wants to succeed on the web. It is especially important for eCommerce sites as their success relies on people finding the website and converting.

Simply put, if people cannot find you, your site stagnates and you don't make any sales, which is vital to your businesses success. For that reason, you must have an effective plan in place to ensure that people can find you and purchase goods from you.

With that being said, it is also important to have an SEO plan in place that isn't going to harm you and uses ethical and ``white-hat`` techniques to stay within the good graces of Google and achieve spectacular results. I pride myself on being up to date with current trends within the search industry so I stay ahead of the curve.

eCommerce SEO Services

How It Is Done

Each eCommerce site is different and requires different aspects of their business to be enhanced, that is why I take a tailored approach to each eCommerce website I work with, however there is a basic framework that you can expect:

Website review, research and planning

Implementing on-site changes

Implement on-site content plan

Start off-site optimization & advertising

Monthly reporting and analysis

If you are looking to boost your store

Get in contact with me today to discuss your project. I offer a free initial consultation, which highlights areas that may be in need of optimization and improvement.

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