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Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby, DE24 1AB


Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby DE24 1AB


Google Penalty Removal


Is the above a trend that you are seeing in your Google Analytics?

A downwards trend may indicate many things, but if you've been experiencing a continuing downwards trend, or even a sharp drop in traffic you may have been affected by a Google Penalty.

Google Penalty Recovery

Start The Road to Penalty Recovery

Google Penalties are serious business. You lose out on valuable traffic which in turn, results in a loss of revenue. Don't let this downwards trend continue. Find out what is plaguing your website.

98% First Time Removal Rate for Manual Penalties

Over 3 Years Experience Removing Penalties For Businesses

Everything is Checked Manually - No Automation!

Complete Data Collection To Keep Track of Backlink Removal

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Google Will Penalize You or Devalue Your Site If You Have:

Toxic Backlinks

Thin or Spammy Content

Duplicate Content

..Or You May be a Victim of Negative SEO

These are some of the most common issues that face website owners today. Google will penalize you for many more reasons, but having bad off-site SEO is the most common. The second most common is often on-site issues that are dragging you down.

Google Penalty Removal
I started this service to help the thousands of businesses that are being destroyed by these ``updates`` and to help them get back on their feet.
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