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Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby, DE24 1AB


Lewis Adcock SEO, 53 Atlantic Way, Derby DE24 1AB


Product Listing Advertising

eCommerce sites can often struggle to be found online. Especially by customers who are looking for products that you’re selling.

Product Listing Advertising is a cost per click ad which you, as an online merchant purchase. You are purchasing the click of a customer who is specifically looking for the product that you are selling in your store. This means that these potential customers are shopping around and are ready to convert.

These types of adverts are displayed within the search page, either to the left or directly above the organic search listings. This depends on the query. You can see an example of this below:

Product Listing Ads Example

Product Listing Ads are great for eCommerce because they are tailored towards the products and product categories, rather than keywords. This means that individual products get a lot more attention due to the fact that bids are for product and product category queries, rather than singular keywords which enables you to lower the spend but get maximum exposure on product.

eCommerce sites should be listing their products on other marketplaces. These types of advertising options enable you to get more eyes on your products quickly.

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